Optimized Performance


A Great web and mobile experience are key to engaging users, yet all too often it’s difficult to achieve. To drive engagement and online revenue, it’s critical to optimize your sites performance for your consumer audiences to meet or exceed their expectations for consistent, fast,and secure experiences. With our proven Internet expertise, we give you the means to tackle this demanding web experience.

Our Sites are Optimized for SPEED!

GOOGLE and the need  for speed.

Page speed constitutes an important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. Not only does it play a role in ranking, it plays a role in user experience, Pages that take too long to load can increase your bounce rate and lower the average session duration, resulting in fewer interactions and decreased conversions.

A well-optimized page can lower your bounce rate, as fewer people will leave your site out of impatience. We all having our breaking points when waiting for a site to load, and according to Google, most people’s patience breaks around 3 seconds.


Our Site Loads in an average of 1.8 Seconds, the national average for websites load time is a whopping 7.0 Seconds!(according to GOOGLE)

GTMETRIX is internationally known and highly regarded, highly utilized throughout the industry, we use it to get detailed reports about our site’s performance. It is a free tool that analyzes your page’s speed performance using Google Page Speed and YSlow. See for yourself, test drive GTMETRIX

~As of 5/2/2019

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